Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 4: Action Research Plan

Please review my action research plan and leave any constructive comments you may have to help me progress during the implementation of my action research plan. 

Action Planning Template

Goal:  To offer nutrient dense food choices to the students and faculty at Weatherford High School to promote improved nutrition that will help support a better learning environment.

Action Steps  

1.  Obtain a copy of Weatherford High School’s current nutrition plan and food choices offered, and compare these choices with the current state guidelines for student nutrition.

2.  Survey 25 random boys and girls at WHS, and WHS faculty to assess their nutritional wants and needs.

3.  Compare the surveyed results and compile a list of suggested foods, which will be of a nutrient dense nature, to serve in the WHS cafeteria. 

Person(s) Responsible                      

1.  Matt Rhidenour


1.  8/2011- 12/2012

Needed Resources    

1.  The current nutrition plan for WHS and the current state guidelines for student nutrition

2.  A survey created that effectively represents the feelings and opinions of WHS students & faculty

3.  A spreadsheet that will easily compile the surveyed results in an orderly fashion for review


1.  Review survey submissions

2.  Make suggestions on nutrient dense food choices based on surveyed results

3.  Implement survey results according to what is feasible for the students and faculty of WHS

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