Sunday, November 27, 2011

Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Podcast

View my podcast tutorial discussing the basic functions and tools of Windows Movie Maker 2.6 by clicking on the link below.  Please leave any constructive comments that you feel will help me in the learning process of educational technology.  This week's assignment was some what difficult to complete, but mostly because the software suggested to use wasn't that user friendly.  The assignment itself was very informative and fun to do.  I'd never created a podcast before this assignment and it gave me the opportunity to obtain new knowledge in an area that interest our students and facilitates new learning environments.  The assignment also forced me, in some cases, to learn how to use new and interesting software.  Audacity is a type of software that records a persons voice in order to insert that recording into a video or podcast.  This will be very useful in creating new ways to connect with students.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jackson Hole Digital Story

This is a digital story I created for my week one assignment.  I created the digital story over a trip I took to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the summer of 2010.  I hope you enjoy the photos and storyline of some of the activities we experienced while visiting this awesome area of our country.  During the creation process it was difficult at times to know what to do.  I became frustrated many times, but in the end I was able to figure out what needed to be done in order to produce the digital story.  It was challenging, but interesting to practice at the design and implementation of the Photo Story software.  I am interested in creating new and exciting projects to share with my students, and see what type of creative projects they will create when making their own digital photo story.  Please leave constructive comments about what I could have done better and let me know what you liked about it.