Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 3 Action Research thoughts

During week 3 of action research, I have gained a broader perspective on what this project will entail.  My plan to address the nutrition choices and needs of the WHS students and faculty will be a long and tough road.  I will have to look at numerous current policies and guidelines in order to help in the best way possible.  There are many steps I will take in order to utilize all my resources for research including my principals, peers, students, and government agencies.  Gaining the opinions, perspectives, and rules I will need to help bring more nutrient dense food choices to WHS will be a challenge but a challenge that I hope will help to create a more nurturing environment to all at WHS.  I have also discovered this week how I will use surveys to gain opinions of the students and faculty at WHS to make this endeavor more meaningful to the students and my peers.  By conducting surveys I hope to engage the students and faculty in a way that gives them a feeling of self worth.  I want them to feel as if they had input in the decision of what types of nutrient dense foods that will be offered at WHS.

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