Friday, June 3, 2011

Reflection on web conference 8/2/11

On June 2nd we had our first web conference with Ms. Borel and nine other students in the cohort.  We discussed a variety of topics about our first course EDLD 5306 and the program itself as a whole.  We went over required textbooks, our class cohort website, our internship and requirements, and the post web conference activity.  She also went into detail about the ISTE and Texas principal framework exams that we can take after completing our course to become certified instructional technologists or principals.  Ms. Borel also told us about the accreditation of Lamar University, that we will have 36 hours credit for the program, and that an 18 month internship is included during our time with the program.  She also discussed the field based activities and the course embedded hours during our internship.  She showed us the names and numbers of the courses we are going to be taking, our degree plan, and the internship requirements.  Finally we learned about the details of our comprehensive examination summative final report which is due at the end of our coursework.  She signed off with a few encouraging words and a nice good luck to all of us!

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