Sunday, June 26, 2011

EDLD 5306 Course Reflections

EDLD 5306 Course reflections

            When I registered for the Instructional Technology program I believed that I would learn many aspects of technology.  During the beginning of the course I thought all I was going to learn was how to fill out a survey, but after the survey’s were completed I learned many new aspects of technology facilitation.  I learned on how to create blogs for public/private reading, wiki’s to plan and organize information, free technology to use in school’s, and a free video creation website.  All of these parts of technology are useful in the classroom, and I will do my best to incorporate these into my physical education classes.  Aspects I haven’t quite learned yet, but I think I will, are website and graphic design.  I will most certainly learn and develop those skills thru my completion of my internship plan and principal competencies and skills.  I completed the assignments with relative ease, but they did take a lot of time to do the work in a complete manner.  The assignments sometimes were difficult to figure out what was being expected, but the instructor’s assistant was very helpful in deciphering what was to be done in the week’s assignment.  I learned that things aren’t always as they seem in regards to the way others perceive Lamar’s online programs.  I had always been told they are a walk in the park, but I think this program is very in depth and will teach me many aspects of technology that I can pass on to my fellow faculty members.  I will take the knowledge that I learned from this course and be an ambassador for technology use in the classroom. 

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